About Us


The Online Career Store is a collection of designer resume templates and professional resources to help you stand out before you ever step into the room of the career you want. Our goal is to provide our clients affordable, unique, and professional designs that are fully customizable, easy to use and allows them to showcase their skills and experiences with sophisticated and branded stationary.


Our product is for the professional who is looking to upgrade their professional presentation and career. We’ve created the ideal solution for the busy professional who needs a quick upgrade to their professional resume’.


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Why Choose The Online Career Store?

      The Online Career Store was created with you in mind. Let’s be real, searching for the right career can be a hard job itself. I personally know that same struggle. At times opportunities would present themselves and I simply wasn’t ready or the resume’ or professional documents I had to present my skills and experiences weren’t as polished as I wanted them to be.


Eventually I figured out that the only way to give myself a head start for success in the process was to create worthwhile ‘plug-in-play’ resumes that fit the brand image I wanted to introduce. I created 3 templates for my own career search and used them interchangeably. After a while, during interviews I was often asked if I was a designer. I received so many compliments on my professional presentation and I could tell that the actual words on the page were being read.


In an economy with large pools of qualified candidates there is something you can do to stand out. It's not a mystery. It is your resume! Think about it, your resume’ in many cases is the first time a recruiter or hiring manager will see your name. More than half of the applicant pool will have a simple resume or a common run of the mill template. If you want an advantage in the process, the Online Career Store was created with you in mind. You get the benefits of a beautifully crafted resume without the headache of designing it. I sincerely hope it is as worth it to you as it has been for me and the amazing career I’ve built.