Frequently Asked Questions

My goal is to ensure that you’re 100% satisfied, so I'm answering a few important questions about your product purchases here!


 Ä  Can I change the colors on the templates if I don’t like them?

Absolutely, the template is 100% customizable. Colors, fonts, page placement and other features may be changed to your likeness.


Ä  I downloaded the font(s) but I don’t see them in Windows, what should I do?

Make sure you have closed and reopened Windows to ensure Microsoft Office/365 had the opportunity to register your newly downloaded font(s).


Ä  My template looks scrambled when I open it up, what do I do?

The template is .docx formatted designed for Microsoft Office 2010 and above. If your system enables compatibility mode the template can viewed/edited properly on a device that uses Microsoft Office 2003 and above.  


Ä  This is a unique template, should I use it in my job search?

Of course, you should! In a pile of 20+ resumes a recruiter will be immediately drawn to the aesthetics of this template, ensuring your content gets an opportunity to be read!


Ä  What if I want to send my resume’ to a recruiter or upload it to a job posting site?

Prior to sending your resume’, I strongly recommend you save your completed template as a PDF. The receiver of your resume’ may or may not have the proper computer systems to open your content. Furthermore, the template in Word format is not optimized for uploading to job positing sites such as,, etc. To upload to such sites, creating a PDF of your completed resume’ ensures the format is transferable to any operating system or website.


Ä I don’t want to write all of my information into the template when I already have it on an old resume’, what’s the best way to transfer my information?

Copy and paste works perfectly with the template! To ensure that the formatting of the font and spacing remain the same as in the template, copy small sections at a time from your current resume’ by right-clicking the information you want to copy and clicking Copy. Then, inside of the template, select the information you would like to replace and click the bold A (keep text only).


Ä  I need an extra page for my resume OR I would now like to purchase stationary to match my resume design…

No worries, just email us at We’ve got you covered!


Ä If I hate my template can I get a refund…

Our hope is that you have no buyer's remorse! While we don't issue refunds because of the digital nature of our product, we want to work with you to determine solutions to your template concerns. Email and let us determine how we may be able to help!


Any other questions, email!

I'm happy to help you!