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Landing the career you want sometimes means putting together a team of experts to help you get to the next step! As intimidating as that sounds, think about it....if you could do it alone, it would have already been done. Explore some of our recommended experts, favorite tools and resources below! Want updates when we add services or resources? Shoot us your email and we've got you covered!

Do you remember the last time you received a job offer? Now, do you remember how you responded? If you didn't 'ask for more', expert Jacqueline Twillie would likely tell you that you left money on the table, or perhaps vacation days, or even work from home flexibility. Only 39% of job applicants negotiate their job offer! Ironically, for those that do, 84% receive more than the initial job offer. Asking doesn't have to be hard when you are prepared with a winning strategy! Jacqueline Twillie works one on one with clients to equip them with strategic asks based on their personal needs and wants. She's offering a special rate to TOCS visitors for her services. Click her photo for more information! (left aligned)

Consider A Cash Coaching, your boutique one stop shop for all things career. We love that Ashley Cash of A Cash Coaching takes a 360 approach to helping you get to the next level. Ashley works with clients in a live group coaching program that will teach you exactly how to successfully transition into a better job with a bigger salary. You'll learn job search techniques, how to create a resume that generates interest and interviews, sucka-free networking, how to nail an interview, an how to negotiate the salary you deserve. Click her photo for more information! (right aligned)

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